Combines multiple Tailwind class names into a single string. This is a utility Typescript function that can be copy & pasted into your codebase.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Install Dependencies


1npm install clsx, tailwind-merge

2. Copy the Source Code


1import { type ClassValue, clsx } from 'clsx';
2import { twMerge } from 'tailwind-merge';
5 * The e=mc^2 of Tailwind. Combines multiple class names into a single string.
6 *
7 * @param inputs - The class names to be combined.
8 * @returns The combined class names as a string.
9 */
10export function cn(...inputs: ClassValue[]) {
11	return twMerge(clsx(inputs));

3. Use it in a file


1import { cn } from '@/lib/utils';
3export default function SomeComponent(){
4	return (
5		<div className={cn('w-48 bg-rose-400', true&&'h-48')}></div>
6	)

3. Examples


1// Pass down classname props from a high level component
2import { cn } from '@/lib/utils';
4export default function SomeComponent({className}:{className?:string}){
5	return (
6		<div className={cn('py-2', className)}></div>
7	)
10// Toggle classes conditionally
11'use client';
12import { useState } from 'react';
13import { cn } from '@/lib/utils';
15export default function SomeComponent() {
16	const [bgIsRose, setBgIsRose] = useState(true);
18	return (
19		<button
20			className={cn('py-2 w-48 h-48', bgIsRose && 'bg-rose-500')}
21			onClick={() => setBgIsRose(!bgIsRose)}
22		>
23			{bgIsRose ? 'Remove Rose' : 'Add Rose'}
24		</button>
25	);

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