Welcome to the implementation guide of BoilerplateHQ's Ui Component Library. If you struggle at any point, you have several options, including contacting me through email [support@boilerplatehq.com], through X/Twitter, or refer to the docs README within the template.

Navigate to app/_constants/constants.ts and answer the 20 questions related to your business name, website URL, etc. You will get more information within the file.

Create and update images & icons as described:


  • public/logos/logo_for_dark.svg (Your logo, displayed when dark mode is active)
  • public/logos/logo_for_light.svg (Your logo, displayed when light mode is active)

Fallback Images:

  • app/api/og/route.tsx -> Change the SVG part to the content of your logo_for_light.svg file.


  • public/icons/icon-512.png (Your icon in 512x512)
  • public/icons/icon-128.png (Your icon in 128x128)
  • public/icons/icon.png (Your icon e.g. 190x190)
  • app/apple-icon.png (Your icon in 190x190)
  • app/icon.svg (SVG of you icon)
  • app/favicon.ico (.ico version of your icon in 48x48)

Recommendation: I am using Adobe Illustrator to design my SVG logos, go to SvgToPng to convert them to a PNG and then use Favicon.io to create the other needed icon files. Just stick to the current naming convention - and not to the one Favicon.io provides.

OpenGraph Images:

  • public/img/og_1080x1080.png (Image for Social Media in format 1080x1080)
  • public/img/og_1200x630.png (Image for Social Media in format 1200x630)
  • public/img/og_1600x900.png (Image for Social Media in format 1600x900)

Recommendation: I am using Adobe Express to quickly create secondary images like these.

Optional Secondary Images:

  • public/img/404.png (Displayed when a 404 error occured)
  • public/img/plusArea.png (Displayed as product picture in dummy products)

Update public/robots.txt with your actual website URL and modify the package.json file with your project's name and version. The sitemap is auto-generated; no modifications required

Rename .env.local.EXAMPLE to .env.local and fill out the needed IDs. You will have to sign up for the following third party products (which have a free-tier):

While you configure the Newsletter, go to app/components/NewsletterBox_BeeHiiv and customize the disclaimer text.

If you don't want to use:

  • Umami: Delete the Umami Script Tag in app/layout.tsx. If you want to make it real clean, search for "data-umami-event" and delete these props from the respective component.
  • BeeHiiv: Easy Way: Leave the NEXT_PUBLIC_BEEHIIV_EMBED_URL in env.local empty. The NewsletterBox will not be displayed. Medium Easy Way: Search for the NewsletterBox and remove it from the using components.

Go to app/page.tsx and make the front page yours - e.g. by changing the Hero Component in app/_components/Hero.tsx. Also add the component "CategoryOverview" for each of your Product Categories and add some Breaker sections.

To change the main color (black per default), head over to ui.shadcn.com, pick a color, click "copy code" and paste it into the app/globals.css replacing the current @layer base {}

Go to app/_products and do the following:

  • Add one folder per Product Category (e.g. 'Buttons' -> app/_products/buttons).
  • Add one folder for your first product (e.g. 'Back To Top Button' -> app/_products/buttons/button-back-to-top)
  • Add a file called (COMPONENTNAME).docs.mdx where you replace (COMPONENTNAME) with the name of the component (e.g. button-back-to-top.docs.mdx). This is the backbone of the product page. As this file is so important, you should copy & paste the example file example-component.docs.mdx and change the params and follow the instructions. If unsure, have a look at the ProductMeta types in app/_types/types.ts.
  • Optionally but recommended if possible: Add a file called (COMPONENTNAME).tsx where you replace (COMPONENTNAME) with the name of the component (e.g. button-back-to-top.tsx). This file should be a functional .tsx file of the product and will be displayed in a preview box on the product page. If this file does not exist, the preview box will render a "Component Not Found". If you don't want the component to be rendered or it is not possible (e.g. because is a JS-function), modify in the (COMPONENTNAME).docs.mdx file on the following param hasComponentCode: false.

FYI: Within the initial boilerplate, the one you just installed, there will already be an example Confetti-Button component within the product category Buttons.

In your terminal run the following code:

npm run build:registry

The registry is like a local database which will feed the app. Everytime you add, delete or change something in app/_products re-run the command to see the changes. When deploying, at build time, this command will be run automatically for you.

Go to app/(Public)/(Legal) and create the needed content for the legal pages - delete or add pages as needed. A first draft can be created using various online generators or even ChatGPT. For obvious reasons: I am not a lawyer, so I recommend talking to a real lawyer in order to create bulletproof legal docs for your jurisdiction / country.

I recommend GitHub for source code hosting and Vercel for deploying. I further recommend to create accounts at both services (if you haven't already) and connect Vercel to your GitHub. Then push your code to GitHub and see how Vercel auto-magically builds your app. Here are the Vercel Docs on how to do exactly that.

When you deploy, e.g. to Vercel, remember to copy & paste your environment variables from your .env.local.

If you deploy the template without any changes, you will receive exactly what you are seeing in our Showcase Project: Ui Buttons Library.

I use namecheap * but you can use any domain name registrar to register a domain. If you still need a name for your business, hit me up @tkahlen. I have 2 domain name startups and I love naming & domaining. Happy to assist you. If you want to have a look yourself:

Once you have a domain, follow Vercel's docs on domain setup.

That is it.... In 10 easy steps you created your own UI Component Library. Congrats! Now create products and do marketing!

Send me, @tkahlen, the domain to your website and I will the first to push your project!

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