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Want to create your own Directory Business like TheresAnAiForThat, ebay, OpenTable or AirBnB? This is your template! This is a pre-designed NextJS framework for an entire application, ready to be customized. It provides a comprehensive structure, integrating various modules, functions and react components.

Launch Announcement

The Directory Website Template (Basic v1) is a meticulously crafted NextJS + MVP template designed to kickstart the development of your own directory business showcasing any kind of listings. The next 'Theres An Ai For That'? The next ebay or AirBnb? This is your MVP template. Here's a glimpse into what makes this version a game-changer for developers like you:

The template is ready and currently in test phase. Our first test project is DirectoriesHQ a simple Directory of Directories. While analyzing how the directory business model works, we analyzed quite some directories. So, why not use this list as a foundation for this test project.

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While not final, this is the list of features that made it to the MVP:

  • Content CMS: This template works with Their free-tier allows for up to 10k listings. Plenty for most directories. Further, allows for a great Admin Panel with their Sanity Studio.
  • User Content Creation: We choose as the provider of choice. Users can
    • Signup & Signin to create, update, delete and publish listings themselves
    • Claim listings to take over an existing listing that someone else created (Monetization model #1)
    • Like listings
    • Rate listings
  • AI Content Creation: We included a button that when clicked will create the whole title, description and excerpt auto-magically.
  • Categories & Tags: Every listing can have one category and multiple tags. Users can easily filter through the listings.
  • Sort: Included sort options: Most/least liked, most/least views, newest/oldest and alphabetically.
  • Analytics: The template comes with basic analytics out of the box: Views, Star-Ratings, Likes, Button-Clicks and much more.
  • Customizability: You can easily activate or deactiveate:
    • User Signups
    • Automatic Admin Approval (e.g. when you are the only user)
    • Button-Click Counter
    • Like-Counter
    • View-Counter
    • Star-Ratings
    • Claim, report, promote, analytic - systems
    • And some display options
  • NextJS 14. We use only the latest tech with Static Pages (test the load times!), tag revalidation, caching, automatic sitemaps, automatic metadata, custom OG creation... and so on.
  • Automatic Admin Button: When in localhost development, you will get a direct button to the Admin Panel.
  • Other: Mobile Ready, Progressive Web App Ready (Users can install the webstie it with a click on a button), and so on

Signup with our test project: DirectoriesHQ, create listings, use the AI Button, like, rate & click buttons. Your feedback would be very much appreciated and will get you a special discount code when the template is ready.

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Tech Stack

Only the finest ingredients are used in our products. We made sure that we only use the best technologies available which offer a free tier! Yes, you read that right. Everything can be set up for FREE!


Next.js 14

The new version is the best thing since sliced bread. App Router, Server Actions, and more!

Frontend Framework



A simply beautiful icon library.




The most popular CSS framework. It is easy to use, well documented and has a great community.

CSS Framework



Beautifully designed open-source component library

UI Library



The most comprehensive User Management Platform for authentication and authorization.




TypeScript ensures that your code is always correct. It is the best way to write JavaScript.

Programming Language


React 18

The library for web and native user interfaces

Web Library



Vercel Hosting is the best way to host your Next.js application. There is no easier way to deploy.



Umami is the best way to track your website analytics. GDPR compliant out-of-the-box.

Analytics is a platform for structured content that comes with an open-source editor built with React.


Example Usage

See this component live in action. Are you using the component on your website? Shoot us an email ( and we will link to you.

External link to


This is 100% what you get when you clone and deploy the template!

Example Usage of React Component

Your Website?

Are you using this component? Shoot us an email and we will link to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or using the chat function. We are here to help!

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