Introducing BoilerplateHQ

We are on a mission to empower developers by providing a suite of Templates, Modules, Components, and Functions designed to streamline MVP project development.

Our philosophy is grounded in the principles of the Lean Movement: launch early, iterate quickly, and continuously improve based on user feedback.

With this in mind, we're thrilled to do exactly that: launch early with our own MVP of this website and some initial initial offerings in order to get your feedback (and help you kickstart your own project).

At the heart of our launch is the Ui Component Library, a versatile template that serves as a robust starting point for your own shadcn/ui- or Aceternity-esque component portfolio. It's designed to be two things: quickly launchable, allowing you to deploy a MVP within hours, and easily customizable, allowing you to make it your own without starting from scratch.

Ui Component Library

The key here is accelerating the time-to-market to test your ideas - not building 'just one more feature'.

In addition to the first Template, we're rolling out the our first module: Cookie Management. This Module simplifies the handling of cookies within your projects, featuring a user-friendly popup for consent management and conditional rendering capabilities that respect user preferences. It's not perfect. It's an MVP that offers the very basic functionality.

Cookie Management

If your idea sees signs of traction, you can invest time & money to scale - not before.

We're huge fans of shadcn/ui, and other UI libraries, and we aim to enhance their already awesome offerings by developing functional components that leverage their UI expertise. These components add practical functionality to enrich the user experience. In instances where specific UI components are lacking, we take the initiative to craft them ourselves. All our components are, and will remain, open-source, with the goal of creating a repository of easily accessible tools. This enables developers to quickly integrate what they need into their projects without the necessity of installing an entire UI library. Our initial component offerings include:

We're also launching with five basic but indispensable functions:

  • Background Pattern: Easily generate stylish backgrounds.
  • Capitalize: Transform your text with proper capitalization.
  • cn (ClassName): Streamline your Tailwind class name management.
  • Copy To Clipboard: Enhance user interaction by simplifying content copying.
  • isBase64: Validate base64 encoded strings with ease.

These functions, while basic, are foundational elements that showcase our commitment to providing practical, reusable code snippets that adhere to the Lean methodology. Futher, they are useful on their own or are part of a component, module or template; and thus will be linked to.

Most of the code we're releasing will be open-source (MIT License), available on GitHub for you to use, modify, and share. We're starting with a modest collection, but rest assured, this is just the beginning:

BoilerplateHQ is a living website, with plans to regularly introduce new Templates, Mdules, Components, and Functions. We're already gearing up to release our next template later this month, so stay tuned!

We're launching with a few channels to keep you updated and engaged:

  • Changelog: Stay on top of new additions and updates.
  • Blog: Dive deeper into development topics, tutorials, and product announcements.
  • Newsletter: Subscribe for the latest news, directly to your inbox.
  • / Twitter: Follow us for real-time updates and community interaction.
  • GitHub: Discuss, fork, contribute, raise issues with us and other users.
  • Email (No link because who wants to click a link that opens an email provider?): Send your feedback, questions, love to [].

BoilerplateHQ aims to be more than just a repository of resources; it's a community-driven project. Your feedback, contributions, and suggestions are invaluable to us as we strive to build a platform that truly meets your needs. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, we believe our resources can make a difference in your projects.

We invite you to explore what we have to offer, contribute to our growing library, and join us in shaping the future of BoilerplateHQ.

Together, let's build something extraordinary.


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